Veronica Ferres since 2009 supports the HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust, a non-profit association, which, involved in South Africa in the Western Cape Province for HIV-positive and tuberculosis-ill people. Through its support HOPE Cape Town could do for the next three years, a doctor who is not only the young patients and their families medical care, but also in the training of health workers HOPE operates. Add to this the supervision of medical students from around the world who complete a so-called “elective student programs” in HOPE Cape Town as part of their medical studies.

HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis are a global challenge. The infection rates of these diseases are constantly rising. HOPE Cape Town believes that all have a responsibility to cooperate in the fight against HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis. The association provides creative, flexible solutions to tackle problems as needed and fights for education, prevention, treatment, research and a better management of the disease and its sufferers.

HOPE Cape Town was founded in 2001 by Rev Fr Stefan Hippler and works financially supported by donations from individuals, organizations and agencies in order to offer all necessary services at the community level can: networking, training, treatment and counseling. The organization is funded entirely by private donations and sponsorship.

A sample of international projects of HOPE Cape Town Asssociation:
2001, Ithemba station, the Department of Infectious Diseases, was opened by the HOPE Tygerberg Children’s Hospital. The aim is to give the children an intensive treatment, rehabilitation and education in a child-friendly and family environment.

2002 founded HOPE Cape Town the Health Workers’ Project, a hitherto unique initiative which forms the centerpiece of the organization. The HOPE health workers receive from HOPE Cape Town intensive training in all medical and social aspects of HIV and AIDS. In the various township communities in the greater Cape Town, where they live, they take care of locally by sufferers. The now 24 HOPE health workers lead among others psychosocial counseling and HIV testing, make home visits to patients, help with any problems with the medication and act as an interface to social institutions. As an employee of HOPE Cape Town they are each also part of the staff of the township clinics and there have their jobs. The concept of HOPE health worker as an integral part of clinical teams is a progressive innovation in the local health system that has been devised and implemented by HOPE Cape Town for the first time.

Since 2003 HOPE Cape Town also works together with traditional healers and is within the scope of this unique step, establish a referral system between them and Western clinics. In South Africa, consult the vast majority of the population, traditional healers. This “Sangoma” are thus an important social group, the correct information about HIV and AIDS can transmit and can adequately advise the population.