18 November 2011 Veronica Ferres was presented in Berlin as the official patron of the Ark Children’s Foundation. In this role she will focus in the future, especially the important issue of education.After all, education is for children from socially disadvantaged families usually the only way to escape the cycle of poverty.

The Ark Children’s Foundation supports in particular the establishment of additional facilities at the children’s and youth work “Die Arche”. In its facilities the “Ark” offers children a full day free, hot meal, help with homework, meaningful pastimes, sports and music, and especially a lot of attention. Because children need confirmation of their confidence. You need to feel to be important and to be loved. Many children in this country are not experiencing the home unfortunately.

“The Ark”, it has also taken on the task publicly draw attention to shortcomings in our society, so that children are increasingly at the center again. For this, the management of the “Arche” also seeks dialogue with business and politics and brings in experience from their work with a. For his commitment was the director and founder of the “Ark”, Bernd Siggelkow, awarded the “Order of Merit of the State of Berlin” and the “Order of Merit”. And also “The Ark” was itself among others honored with the “Carl von Ossietzky Medal of the International League for Human Rights” and the “Hanse-Merkur Award for Child Protection”.

The Christian Children’s and Youth was founded in 1995 in Berlin.Meanwhile, the “Ark” at ten locations in Germany and actively reaches more than 2,000 children and adolescents. The opening of new facilities is planned, because the demand is unfortunately enormous. However, the tasks that took over the club, he can only cope with assistance. The work of the “Arche” is funded 100 percent by donations.

Education is therefore not be the only subject for which Veronica Ferres advocates. She promised Ark founder Bernd Siggelkow also help in finding support. For every penny collected is an investment in our children and therefore in our present and future.