As patron committed Veronica Ferres for the “Children’s Hospice Burgholz”, which will be built from the end of 2012 in the heart of the Bergisches Land. The native of Soli Gerin has to this region a special relationship and I know that such a facility for seriously ill and dying children and adolescents in the city triangle Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid is urgently needed.

Responsibility for the project is the Bethe Foundation “Children’s Hospice Foundation Bergisches Land”, a dedicated consortium of Caritasverband Wuppertal / Solingen, Wuppertal and Diakonie.Together they manage the construction of the children’s hospice ecumenical solely from donations. Also for the further operation of the building, especially for accommodation of parents and siblings, continuously donations needed.

The “Children’s Hospice Burgholz” created in the extensive grounds of a former children’s home in a wonderful conservation area on the southern outskirts of Wuppertal. The tranquil wooded, yet close to city center will provide the guests of the house a great recreational value.

The house is able to accommodate up to 12 children. It also provides accommodation for parents and siblings, and is so to allow as part of short-term care terminally ill children and their families a relaxing break.

The new children’s hospice is to be a house of life, where children in spite of severe disease and approaching death can enjoy moments of happiness, find their parents relief and assistance and their siblings can enjoy the common family life.

Such children’s house, which stands as a children’s hospice and respite care is available, previously sorely missed by families affected in the Bergisch region.